In our day and age perfection is the standard, even when it is impossible to obtain. In this society of achievers, we keep up appearances, pretending we can handle everything. We are always ‘doing great’.

Could it be that daring to express our own insecurity and incompetence will make us stronger?

A young woman in a room. Is she trapped? Is she there out of free will? Protective visions are roughly driven away by questions from outside. Frightful images are lovingly being calmed. Everyday, seemingly invisible insecurities literally get a face.

She will have to stand on her own two feet… The young woman will have to create her own impulse to become aware of the strength of her weaknesses.


Acting, concept, figures: Ananda Puijk

Acting, coaching, figures: Charlotte Puijk-Joolen

Time: 50 minutes, no break

Public: Momentum is a performance for 200 persons at a time.

Stage: 5 meters wide, 5 meters depth, 3,5 meters high